Here is some encouragement for you today: God is in control; God is on your side; God is for you, and He makes all things possible. So instead of detailing all of your shortcomings,   focus on what God CAN DO THROUGH YOU!

Football & Volleyball

We would like to recognize and congratulate both our football team and volleyball team for amazing seasons this year! Each and every one of you represented our school with class and dignity! You played with passion and fervor and gave your absolute best! Congrats on a terrific season! You should be extremely proud–we are!

21st Annual Auction

Don’t miss an exciting evening of fun, friends and of course, SHOPPING! Mark your calendar now for LCA’s 21st annual Auction on Saturday, November 11th, 2017 (next week)!This is one of the biggest events we hold at LCA and definitely a night you don’t want to miss! Tickets are available now for $5. This year’s Auction theme is sports, so come for a night of nachos, hot dogs, popcorn & soda! While you’re there, you will be able to bid on items like vacation packages to the Bahamas and Park City, personal care & beauty items and services, home repair and maintenance, jewelry, photo packages, and so much more! This is a night you certainly don’t want to miss out on!!

If you own a business and would like to make a donation of any size, gift certificates or products please contact Karen Miller at  Donations of $50 or more may be counted toward service hours!  Thank you so much in advance for your time and support of this event!

J-Term Classes

LCA requires all high school students to participate in J-Term during the week after Christmas Break (Jan 2-5, 2018) when we offer our students experiences outside of the academic classroom.  J-Term courses are 3 hours long, each day of that week and include exposure to a variety of sports, hobbies, practical skills, college prep experiences, professions, and even internships. Students will select 2 J-Term classes to attend that week – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. There is an extra cost to these J-Term classes, which range upward from $5 each. We try to keep the costs low for our students, but we recognize that some courses may have a cost associated with them.


We are looking for ideas and volunteers to lead these opportunities for our high school students.  For example, we would like to offer a course or internship in auto mechanics, dance, clothing or interior design, architecture, business, aviation, music, medicine, or athletic training.  Other ideas are welcome!


How can you help?

  • If you (or someone you know who has a heart for LCA) has the time, lives in the area, and has expertise in a particular discipline or skill, contact me about availability. Volunteering to teach J-Term qualifies for parent service hours!
  • If you know of a business professional who might consider 1-2 interns for that week, contact me with the information.
  • If you know of a business or organization that offers professional training or supervises novice experience, contact me with the information.


Please contact Erinn Schrader by Friday, November 10, 2017 at

Service Hours

Our International Residential Program is in need of 15 turkeys to help provide a nice Thanksgiving for our international students. We are offering 4 service hours for turkeys donated! Each turkey should be at least 20 pounds and brought to the school by November 17th. Thank you so much for your help and all that you do!

Cultural Exchange

We have an exciting group of students coming to

Elementary Help

This year in elementary (grades K-5), we have created an economic system in which the students get paid to for jobs they perform in their classroom and receive bonuses as rewards! They have been saving up their money to spend in our elementary store, but we need items!  This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how currency is passed and allow the students to make decisions about their hard earned money!

We are using the program which states:“My Classroom Economy is a program that enables any educator to teach children financial responsibility through fun, experiential learning….By bringing real-world scenarios into the classroom, students see the impact of their decisions to save, spend, and budget.”

Donations are simple and easy and can be things from the Dollar Store, toys, books, candy, etc. are great! (No nuts, please!) For every 20 items/candy or 5 books, we are offering a $5 bonus to that student!  We are also looking for volunteers to run the store, collect money, and give back change. A great way to earn service hours, as well! If you’re interested in helping out, please talk with your child’s teacher!

Traffic Flow

We have had a great year so far with the travel flow and few problems. Please remember that when coming from the West to use the West Entrance and when coming from the East to use the East entrance and the same for departures. This will help the flow tremendously and help to avoid unnecessary accidents.  Also, as a reminder that our blacktop becomes a playground for our elementary grades. If you are planning to remain at the school after than 8:45am, please do not park between the school and the basketball hoops. Thanks so much for helping us keep things running smoothly at LCA!

Yearbook Photos

Now, anyone can be part of yearbook by uploading photos from any LCA event!

Step 1: Download the HJ Eshare app from any iOS or Android

Step 2: Enter school code “LCA”

 Step 3: Take and Share any photos

You can also upload following the same steps using

International Travel

Come with us to GREECE!

 As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, it is critical for our students to become more culturally aware and globally-minded. To be able to experience the global classroom first-hand and see what they have been studying in their classes come to life is truly amazing. It gives them new perspectives- not only of themselves, but also of the world around them!

We are pleased to announce that we are taking students on an educational tour to Greece during April of 2018 (Spring Break). What is it like to live in a country where classical mythology and ancient history still have a presence in everyday life? In the capital of Athens, namesake of the goddess Athena, we will walk in the footsteps of ancient Greeks at the Acropolis – and in the footsteps of current residents in the Plaka district. In Delphi, Epidaurus and Cape Sounion, learn how an old belief in mythological figures still influences medicine, politics and philosophy.

Space for this program is limited!


If you would like to see more about this trip or sign up for just $95 deposit please go to


Lunch Reminder

Just a reminder to those students who bring their lunch to school.  The school does not have supplies such as plates, forks, spoons, etc.  You must furnish your own each day.

Current Lunch Menu: 

Monday- Chik-Fil-A

Tuesday: Chicken Salad Sandwich

Wednesday: Pasta and Meatballs

Thursday: Chicken Teriyaki with Rice

Friday: Pizza Pie Cafe 

Big Mountain Media

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Contact Hannah Griffin at to advertise your business in Thursday Notes weekly! We’d love to have you!