Let these truths encourage you today:

  • There is no problem so big that God cannot solve it.
  • There is no promise too hard for God to fulfill.
  • There is no prayer too small for God to answer.
  • There is no disease that God cannot heal.
  • There is no heart God cannot mend.
  • There is no relationship that God cannot restore.
  • There is no person God cannot save.
  • There is no chaos from which God cannot bring peace.
  • There is no pain that God cannot redeem.
  • There is no sin that God cannot forgive.
  • There is no bondage God cannot break.
  • There is no need God cannot meet.
  • There is no enemy that God cannot defeat.
  • There is no mountain God cannot move.

God is good, He does good and He wants to do good things in YOUR life because He loves you!

“Yours, LORD, is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.” (1 Chronicles 29:11)


New York City Trip

This Spring, our Drama Department will be taking a trip to NYC to sightsee! Broadway shows, tours, exciting events a more! If you are interested in attending this trip, please see Ms. Baldridge for more information or email rebecca.baldridge@lcaeagle.org. The first payment is due November 2nd! Don’t delay!!


The Layton Christian Drama Company is preparing for their Winter production, Charley’s Aunt, and we would appreciate donations from the community.
These are some of the items we need for our set: 

-Wood paneling

-25 2x4s

-2×10 pillar base

-Moveable door

-1800’s styled couch

1800’s costume pieces:

If you are interested in service opportunities, have them contact Ms. Baldridge rebecca.baldridge@lcaeagle.org — Thank you! 

LCA Needs

We are in need of some games for our after school programs. If you have any games you no longer use, we would love your donation!! Donations can be dropped off in the Main Office.
Game Types:
…or similar type games

Box Tops

At LCA, we love participating in the Box Tops program and this year is no exception! Our amazing Box Tops Coordinator has put together a bit of information regarding this program at LCA. Click here to check out all the Box Tops info!

Service Hours Opportunities

Speech and Debate season is upon us! We are finalizing the schedule in these next weeks and are planning on having a great season. These tournaments are typically Friday and/or Saturday’s at a local High School and are a BLAST! Picture 200-800 High School students from around the state in one place all trying to communicate messages that are important to them. Each tournament presents an opportunity for parents and families to earn quick service hours. At each tournament, we need volunteer judges to bring with our team to help judge events. THIS IS NOT HARD! All training will be provided at each tournament and most of the judges are brand new to speech and debate. Essentially, you will be handed a criteria sheet, listen to students speeches, dramas, or debates, and judge based on the outlined criteria on the sheet. You are also fed a meal and will have many snacks.
As an incentive for volunteer judges, I am offering DOUBLE SERVICE HOURS to all who come and help. I had one parent receive 22 hours last year from 1 Saturday tournament. Not only can you rack up service hours doing this, but you are making an impact on students lives from around the state!
If you’d like more information about judging and our schedule for the year, please contact Sean Musil. His email is sean.musil@lcaeagle.org.


For the past several years we have been blessed with donations of special handmade prayer blankets to distribute to students who are experiencing injuries, illnesses, surgeries or loss of a family member, which keep them out of school for a prolonged time.  Unfortunately, we have exhausted our supply of blankets.  Because this has been such a blessing to the students who have received them, we would like to continue to provide them.

If you are interested in knitting, crocheting or sewing simple lap-sized blankets to be donated for distribution you will receive 7 service hours per blanket.  Please contact Angie.Justice@lcaeagle.org if this is something you would like to do.


Hot lunches are served each day! You can get on the lunch list by contacting the Main Office. For those who bring their lunch from home, please know that each student needs to bring any items needed for their lunch does not have supplies such as plates, forks, spoons, etc.  You must furnish your own each day.

Current Lunch Menu: 

Monday- Chik-Fil-A

Tuesday: Chicken Salad Sandwich

Wednesday: Pasta and meatballs

Thursday: Teriyaki Chicken and rice

Friday: Pizza Pie Cafe