Checklist for College Bound Students

1. Take the PLAN test in November of your sophomore year.
2. Take the PSAT/NMSQT test in October of your junior year.
3. Take the SAT and/or ACT college entrance exams during your sophomore/junior years.
4. Create a personal resume. This will be very useful if when applying for scholarships.
5. Be involved and participate in extra curricular activities. Run for leadership positions
6. Read as much as possible. Your grades and test scores will both improve
7. Take challenging courses and get the best grades possible. College admission and scholarships are both based on GPA in core curriculum classes.
8. Consider attending summer academic enrichment programs. These are mostly available between the junior and senior years of high school.
9. If traveling, plan a visit to several college campuses in the area. Talk to students and advisors there.
10. Start looking NOW for a summer job. College is expensive
11. Talk to adults in a variety of professions. Start thinking about a college major and a career choice.
12. Be in prayer and seek Christian counsel about your decisions.