2015 – 2016 SERVICE HOURS REQUIREMENTS (based on full year of attendance)

Preschool Family – 18 hours per Family

International Student – 36 hours per Student

K5 – 12th Grade – 36 hours per Family

Service hours must be recorded to receive credit! You cannot be manually signed off by your child’s teacher and expect not to be charged.  If hours are not logged in by the end of each quarter you may not receive credit. You will be informed if hours are not approved. Each hour not completed, entered and approved will incur a $10 charge to your family bill.

Thank you for your help and patience! Your involvement is invaluable to our school and we appreciate your commitment to LCA!


To record service hours:  Log in to RenWeb

Click Family Information on the left side tab

Highlight your name on the right hand side

When you choose a name you will see three tabs at the top.  The middle one says Service Hours.  Click that tab.

Click Add Service Hours

Make sure you fill in all the blanks, including the teacher/staff person you helped in the Verified By spot.  This way we will be able to confirm with the appropriate person.  If you leave any parts blank we may not be able to give you credit for the work you have done. 

REPEAT: Service hours are required to be input into the system by the end of each quarter. If you submit after we have run the quarterly reports you may not receive credit as well for those hours.

If you have any questions, please contact Natalie Six at natalie.six@lcaeagle.org