On December 3, LCA hosted its annual Science Fair for grades 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11. Students in these grades worked together to put together projects on a variety of scientific topics. The Children’s Center hosted the event and nearly 60 students rallied in early Tuesday morning to set up displays and props showcasing their hard work. Judges were on-hand from Northrup Grumman, as well as a local chemist and a local engineer to help with the events of the day. Each student-project was displayed for the judges to view and students came in group by group to present their projects and answer question. After each project was presented, the judges collaborated together to score each project and determine the highest scores for each grade level.

One student, 5th grader Eddy Gahongo, was particularly excited to present his project to the judges. “I had never done a science project before and I was excited to see how it would go. My House Mom helped me decide what project to do and helped me get it all ready.” Eddy’s board was creatively decorated and displayed with photos showing how he went about collecting data, testing his hypothesis and drawing conclusions about all he had learned.

Eddy is a 10-year-old International Student at LCA from Rwanda. His project, “How High Will It Go?” was a test to see which type of soda would react the most when combined with Mentos. “I thought the project would be so fun because I knew it would explode and be really messy!” Eddy said. He brought in his project, set it up and waited patiently for the judges to view and interview him about his project. After, he returned to class and waited for the results. He didn’t have to wait long to find out he had not only received high marks on his project, but he had won 1st Place. “I have never won a ribbon or a trophy before. I am so happy to have it.” Eddy now proudly hangs his 1st place ribbon in his locker so that he can see it every day.

Eddy said he learned so much through his project and never knew that different types of soda would create such different gasses and reactions. “I loved that they went so high and that I got to have so much fun learning new things!”