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Middle school is using a new bible curriculum from Christian Schools International. Students are taught how to use the Bible to make wise choices in their daily lives. They also make comparisons of the consequences of following or not following God’s Word to make their choices.

Students are also taught how to use the Bible, memorizing the order of the books of the Bible, the importance of prayer in building a relationship with God, the main types of prayer, and when to pray. All of these mini-lessons are related back to the main theme of using and following God’s Word in our own personal lives.

Eighth grade is studying “A Light to the Gentiles”, seventh grade is studying “The Day of the Lord” and sixth grade is studying “The House of Israel”.

6th Grade

Choosing Good Health is designed for a nine-week study. The curriculum places special emphasis on the study of the endocrine, immune, and nervous systems. Children become familiar with major health concerns such as drug abuse and the deadly disease AIDS, discovering the physical, mental, social, and spiritual effects of these problems on the individual and on a nation. A proper attitude toward safety is stressed, teaching personal responsibility for safe behavior. The students learn to recognize symptoms requiring basic first-aid procedures for minor injuries. Children learn that health choices made in early years influence their level of health for the rest of their lives

7th Grade

A Healthier You teaches students about the wonders of the bodies God has given them and inspires them to establish good health practices in their daily lives. The text includes in-depth studies of the endocrine system and how it affects mental and emotional health, the skeletal system and skin and how they affect personal appearance, and the nervous system and how it is affected by drugs. These major health concerns of today’s teens are all presented from a Christian perspective.

8th Grade

Let’s Be Healthy is to teach students the wonders of their bodies God has given them and to stimulate them to establish good health practices which affect total wellness. The text, which challenges young people to keep themselves pure and to live happy, positive, healthy lives, provides in-depth studies of the anatomy and physiology of several of the major body systems, including the muscular, circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems. Also included is an overview of diseases and the ways by which the body’s immune system combats them. These major health concerns of today’s teens area ll presented from a Christian viewpoint. A practical guide to safety and first aid follows, with application questions to help students determine logical solutions to emergency situations. The text concludes with emphasis on developing a consistent walk with the Lord and appropriate Christian attitudes.

The Physical Education Program at Layton Christian Academy is to improve physical fitness, increase knowledge and skills in lifetime sports, develop awareness of health practices, and develop character.

Student need to demonstrate certain skills in physical education. These skills are to:

  1. Exhibit a physically active lifestyle.
  2. Achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness.
  3. Demonstrate understanding, respect, and cooperation with classmates in physical activity settings.
  4. Understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction.

Layton Christian Academy views the study of English critical to the formation of the students. Students explore great literature, effective writing, challenging vocabulary/spelling, and precise grammar. Students in the middle school have two periods a day of language arts.

The English program focuses on the following goals which drive the design for curriculum for each grade level. These goals are for the students to:

  1. Demonstrate a love of reading. Students will solidify their ability to comprehend and enjoy books with increasing levels of difficulty and complexity. The Accelerated Reading Program is used in middle school.
  2. Show age appropriate competence in various forms of oral and written communication.
  3. Demonstrate correct use of grammar.
  4. Understand and use effective and appropriate vocabulary.

Layton Christian Academy has a summer reading program that requires each student to read two novels in the summer. The first book is a required novel. The second book is a novel of their choice.

6th and 7th Grade

Application and Concepts Course 1, Course 2 and Course 3 textbooks are used with the sixth and seventh graders depending on their level of math. This is a three-course middle school series intended to bridge the gap from elementary mathematics to Algebra 1. The program is designed to motivate the students, enable them to see the usefulness of mathematics in the world around them, enhance their fluency in the language of mathematics, and prepare them for success in algebra and geometry. (Glencoe) Glencoe is very thorough and provides the following additional resources:

  1. Hands-On Labs and Mini Labs
  2. Cooperative Learning Activities
  3. Math Games
  4. Family Activities
  5. School to Career Activities
  6. Problem Solving Activities
  7. Chapter Projects
  8. Technology (i.e. graphing calculators, technology labs, mindjogger videoquizzes,

8th Grade

Students at LCA have to show proficiency each year before they will be advanced to the next level of math. 8th Grade – Glencoe Algebra I is used for our eighth grade students. Students in eighth grade either take Algebra I and then are scheduled to take Geometry in ninth grade or they take Algebra I in Two Years (cover half the material in 8th grade and half in 9th grade). This textbook strengthens student understanding and provides the tools students need to succeed. This textbook features the following items:

  1. Foldables – Help students prepare with tests with study organizers
  2. What You’ll Learn and Why It’s Important Sections – provides students with the “big picture” of learning algebra.
  3. Study Guide and Review – This is provided at the beginning and end of each chapter and exercise set to help solidified the concepts.
  4. Reading and Writing in Mathematics – This helps the students understand and use the language of mathematics.
  5. Prepares them for Standardized Tests – It familiarizes the students with the types of questions and formats they will see on local, state and national tests.

6th Grade Science – General Science by Bob Jones Press

The 6th grade text explores science as a limited means of seeing God’s design in nature. Topics of study include the earth, cells and organisms, matter and energy, astronomy, heredity, and the nervous and immune system.

7th Grade Science – Life Science by Bob Jones Press

The focus of seventh grade science is the study of God’s living creation. The five living kingdoms-Monera, Protista, Fungi, Plant and Animal-are included, as well as units on the Human Body and Creation. The course begins with an introduction to the scientific method and related practices in the recording of information. The first unit covers basic cellular structure and processes. Cellular study is continued in an in depth look at the plant kingdom. Photosynthesis and plant reproduction are emphasized. A brief unit on creation and evolution contrasts the false theories of evolution with the biblical support for creation. Information about the small kingdoms of monera, protista, and fungi forms another unit. The animal kingdom study is separated into a consideration of vertebrates and invertebrates. A unit on the systems of the human body concludes the course. An optional study of human reproduction is included in the teacher’s text. This seventh grade course provides a comprehensive study of living organisms and their direct creation by God

8th Grade Science – The Physical World by Bob Jones Press

God is presented as God of the Universe in this engaging science course. The text helps students to see God’s design even in the smallest properties of matter and chemistry. Elementary physics, energy, mechanics, wave theory and optics are all covered. Physical sciences and the scientific method are introduced as well. The text includes introductory chemistry, introductory physics, and the metric system in preparation for upper-level laboratory courses.

6th Grade History – Heritage Studies by Bob Jones Press

Students gain a thorough understanding of history with Heritage Studies. Geography, allignment with Bible truths, relevant world history, government, economics and culture are all presented to help better understand the humanity’s heritage. Through this study, students will learn to sequence events, summarize data, make predictions, identify sources of information, work with graphs and formulate opinions. Heritage Studies 6: To Know the Past, examines the land, people and cultures of ancient Egypt, Israel, China, Greece, Africa, Rome, the Mayans and more.

7th Grade History – World Studies by Bob Jones Press

World Cultures introduces the student to a variety of cultures in the world from the Middle Ages to present day cultures. This course involves 1) cultural study, which includes governments, economics systems, religions, society, thought and education, and arts and crafts; 2) geography, including location, climate, topography, natural resources, and the influence of geography on culture; and 3) history, providing the student with a story about each culture. The student will obtain an understanding of how different cultures developed and the interdependence involved in the development and advancement of cultures. The students also have a quarter of Utah History where they will gain an understanding and appreciation of Utah’s geography and history.

8th Grade History – The American Republic by Bob Jones Press

American Republic Curriculum presents the chronological development of the United States from a spiritual perspective. The principles of our heritage are underscored by appropriate applications and activities. This course lays out a foundational understanding of the events and policies that have shaped this country – from colonial times to the 21st century.

LCA offers a full range of computer technology educational opportunities for students from Kindergarten through high school. We have two full computer labs with thirty-one student workstations each, one for elementary students and the other for middle school and high school students.

Our computers run the latest productivity software in the form of Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. Younger students are introduced to computers at a very basic level. Guided internet safety and awareness training is conducted at all age levels. Keyboarding skills are developed from as early as the third grade, along with internet research skills and other related abilities.

High school students receive in-depth training in word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database management, and web page design. Seniors take Concurrent Enrollment courses for both high school credit and college credit through Weber State University.

Course Descriptions

The descriptions below describe the elective classes for next year. Please read the descriptions carefully because some have fees assessed. Students need to pick their classes carefully. Students have one week after school starts to make any last minute changes. After that, there will be a $10 fee to change schedules.

Art: (Available all four quarters but you may only take it ONE quarter)

This class gives students a fun and interesting introduction to the world of art. They will learn about classical and modern art. The class will learn about famous artists that relate to the segment they are currently working on, followed by a contemporary artist who relates to the classical artist from the past. ($10 fee)

Geography Bee Prep (Available 2nd quarter only)

This geography class is designed to build on the background of geographical and cultural studies and the historical development of cultures presented in elementary school. Students look in-depth at given regions of the world. This class will also participation in several geography bees during the quarter.

History Fair Preparation (2nd quarter only)

This class is designed to help students as they work through the research process of their history fair project. Guidelines for this class will be organized to meet the criteria of National History Day Competition. The McIntosh portable laptops will be used to help in the developmental process.

Student Council

This class is only available for those students elected for student council. This class will not be an option available until the elections for the current year are complete. In this class the student council will help prepare and plan activities for the student body.

Teen Living (available 1st and 3rd quarter only)

Teen Living is a course designed to help young adolescents discover and develop personal interests, abilities, and choices related to their future education, careers, and life. This course empowers the student to assess the importance of solving problems effectively, selecting choices, and weighing consequences. Students will also learn to be a competent babysitter, identifying emergency procedures, and some basic first aid.

Home Economics: (Available all four quarters but you may only take it ONE quarter)

Students will learn about food preparation. They will learn basic nutritional information, smart shopping techniques, good kitchen arrangement, meal planning and food preparation. They will do several cooking labs throughout the quarter in the school kitchen. Occasionally the students will have homework assignments that need to be prepared at home. Students will learn the basics of sewing, mending and needlepoint work. The students may be required to purchase material, yarn or other specific materials. ($10 fee)

Newspaper and Media Specialist (A sample newsletter must be submitted with elective form to be considered.)

This class will consist of three students. They will be responsible for producing an LCA Middle School newsletter every two weeks reporting current events happening in middle school. They will also be responsible for taking school pictures and keeping them organized for PowerPoint presentations and the school yearbook. A sample newsletter must be submitted with elective form to be considered. The best three candidates will be chosen by the faculty for these positions.

MacBook Development (3rd and 4th quarter only)

Participants will learn how to find and use great podcasts as well as how to create and publish their own audio programs. Students creating podcasts have the opportunity to share with a potential worldwide audience. The process of putting together an audio recording is extremely valuable, is a cross-curricular experience, and supports differentiated instruction models of learning.

Science Fair Preparation (1st quarter only)

This class is designed to help students as they work through the research process of their science fair project. Guidelines for this class will be organized to meet the criteria of National Science Fair Day Competition. The McIntosh portable laptops will be used to help in the developmental process.

Sign Language – Beginning (Available 1st and 3rd quarter only)

This class is an introductory course in American Sign Language. Students will learn different signs, and some of the features of American Sign Language grammar. Games, practice activities, Deaf speakers and Deaf culture are some of the things included in this class.

Sign Language – Intermediate (Available 2nd and 4th quarter only)

This class is a more advanced course in American Sign Language. Students will continue the basic study of the language and culture; an opportunity to build receptive and expressive sign vocabulary; use of signing space; further use of nonmanual components of ASL grammar including facial expression and body postures, and introduction to conversational regulators.

Spanish – Beginning: (Has to been taken 1st and 2nd quarter together)

The Spanish program is designed to increase student’s motivation to pursue taking a foreign language in high school. Weekly vocabulary lists covering: Greetings, Numbers 1-20, Colors, Family Members, Simple Dialogs, Bible verses, Telling time, Weather, Clothing, Animals, Body parts, Questions, Sports, Celebrations, Days of the week, Irregular verbs ser and estar, Regular -ar verbs, Definite/indefinite articles, Demonstrative articles, Article/noun/adjective agreements, Negation, Personal and possessive pronouns, Central/South American geography

Spanish – Intermediate/Advanced: (Has to be taken 3rd and 4th quarter together)

The Spanish program is designed to increase student’s motivation to pursue taking a foreign language in high school. Weekly vocabulary lists covering: Greetings, Numbers 1-20, Colors, Family Members, Dialogs, Bible verses, Telling time, Weather, Clothing, Animals, Body parts, Questions, Sports, Celebrations, Days of the week, Definite/indefinite articles, Demonstrative articles, Article/noun/adjective agreements, Negation, Personal and possessive pronouns, Geography and culture of Spain, Regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs (present tense), Present Tense Irregular Verbs: Ser (to be), Estar (to be), Ir (to go), Tener (to have), Querer (to want), Tener idioms, Past Tense (preterit) of regular -ar verbs, Beginning and Intermediate Translations, Simple compositions

Speech and Debate: (4th quarter only)

This class is for students interested in learning the skills of public speaking with an emphasis on argument and debate. Students will learn researching skills, outlining skills, technology skills and oral communication skills. This is an introductory class to students interested in exploring speech and debate in high school. Students will participate in one speech and debate meet.

Study Skills: (available all 4 quarters)

Study Skills is a course designed to help students learn to study effectively. We will explore different learning styles, learning environments, organization, using a planner, and time management. We will learn ways to improve comprehension and test taking. Two days a week are devoted to homework/missing assignments for other classes.

Teacher’s Aide (available all four quarters but MUST get a recommendation and approval from the teacher they will be assisting)

This class is only available to 7th and 8th graders. The students must get prior approval from the teacher they would like to be assisting. They must maintain a GPA of 3.0 and be a responsible student. The students will assist the teacher with preparation of lessons; clean up of materials and activities daily. The student will help the teacher with technical assistance like filing, copying, cutting out items, etc. A teacher may only have one student aide per quarter unless prior approval is given by Mrs. Elmy