Layton Christian Academy views the study of English critical to the formation of the students. Students explore great literature, effective writing, challenging vocabulary/spelling, and precise grammar. Students in the middle school have two periods a day of language arts.

Layton Christian Academy offers honors language to the seventh and eight grade students. This integrated language arts course, with instruction significantly above grade level, is designed to challenge and enrich students who demonstrate commitment and ability to engage in this rigorous curriculum.

The English program focuses on the following goals which drive the design for curriculum for each grade level. These goals are for the students to:

  1. Demonstrate a love of reading. Students will solidify their ability to comprehend and enjoy books with increasing levels of difficulty and complexity. The Accelerated Reading Program is used in middle school.
  2. Show age appropriate competence in various forms of oral and written communication.
  3. Demonstrate correct use of grammar.
  4. Understand and use effective and appropriate vocabulary.

Layton Christian Academy has a summer reading program that requires each student to read two novels in the summer. The first book is a required novel. The second book is a novel of their choice.