6th Grade History – Heritage Studies by Bob Jones Press

Students gain a thorough understanding of history with Heritage Studies. Geography, allignment with Bible truths, relevant world history, government, economics and culture are all presented to help better understand the humanity’s heritage. Through this study, students will learn to sequence events, summarize data, make predictions, identify sources of information, work with graphs and formulate opinions. Heritage Studies 6: To Know the Past, examines the land, people and cultures of ancient Egypt, Israel, China, Greece, Africa, Rome, the Mayans and more.

7th Grade History – World Studies by Bob Jones Press

World Cultures introduces the student to a variety of cultures in the world from the Middle Ages to present day cultures. This course involves 1) cultural study, which includes governments, economics systems, religions, society, thought and education, and arts and crafts; 2) geography, including location, climate, topography, natural resources, and the influence of geography on culture; and 3) history, providing the student with a story about each culture. The student will obtain an understanding of how different cultures developed and the interdependence involved in the development and advancement of cultures. The students also have a semester of Utah History where they will gain an understanding and appreciation of Utah’s geography and history.

8th Grade History – The American Republic by Bob Jones Press

American Republic Curriculum presents the chronological development of the United States from a spiritual perspective. The principles of our heritage are underscored by appropriate applications and activities. This course lays out a foundational understanding of the events and policies that have shaped this country – from colonial times to the 21st century.