“I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name’” Revelation 3:8, 

Although we may grow weary and tired, the greatest evidence we can show of our relationship with Jesus is our faithfulness in the things and tasks He has placed in our hands. As you do your best, God will take care of the rest!


LCA will be selling donuts tomorrow morning at 8am in the Elementary School lobby! Donuts are just $1, so be sure to stop by and help support our school!! If you are interested with helping to sell donuts on Friday mornings for service hours, please contact Hannah.Griffin@LCAeagle.org!


Friday Night LCA takes on St. Joseph Catholic High School in Ogden! We would love to have everyone out as both our BOYS & GIRLS JV and Varsity teams face off in the St. Joe gym! Hope to see you there!!

History Fair

The 2019 Layton Christian Academy History Fair is here again and we need some judges to help out with this year’s competition! The History Fairhas a great tradition at LCA and as a school we have had a number of students continue to compete at the regional, state, and even national levels. Your help is vital in keeping this great tradition alive.

The History Fair is scheduled for Tuesday, January 22 from 8:30 am – 1:00 pm. If you can help out for the entire event or only for a portion of it, we would love to have you!  History Fair judges are asked to evaluate student projects in the form of individual or group exhibits, performances, websites, documentaries, and papers. No experience is necessary and service hours will be given for your help!!

If you can help, please see the Main office or email Coach Schrader directly at aaron.schrader@lcaeagle.org.

Thanks for your help and we hope to see many of you there!!

STUDENTS — Boards and headers are available for purchase in the Main Office for $5 (board) and $2 (header).

Winter Wear Drive

The competition is on the benefit the Dream Center! New or slightly used winter wear will be donated to kids in need as we have some fun, too! Coats are 10 points, Boots are 10 points, and waterproof gloves, mitten, hats and scarves are all worth 5 points!! You have until the end of January to donate! Help support kids in need and maybe win a class party if your class gets the most points! Help our Elementary and Middle School Student Council help those in need!

Odd Job Opportunities

High School International Students at LCA are in search of opportunities for odd jobs as a way to earn extra spending money while they are in the US. If you have any odd jobs around your home or business such as cleaning, babysitting, yard work, etc. that you would be interested in having a student help with and compensating, please contact Jenn Malone at Jenn@LCAeagle.org for more information! Thank you so much in advance for your help and support of our amazing International Students at LCA!

Short Term Hosting

We have a group of 6 Japanese female teachers coming to volunteer at our school from Feb 8-15, 2019 and we are needing people to host them!  You will be compensated $100 for the week per teacher hosted.  Responsibilities would include getting them back and forth to school and providing dinner during the week and all meals during the weekend.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at school each school day. If you have an available bedroom and would like to help out and get to know a Japanese teacher, contact Mrs. Miller at  karen.miller@lcaeagle.org.   Thanks so much for your help!!

Travel Club

The Travel Club will be headed to Portugal and Spain in 2020! Click HERE for more information is to follow and for any questions, please contact Sheli Burt at sheli.burt@lcaeagle.org

Box Tops

At LCA, we love participating in the Box Tops program and this year is no exception! Our amazing Box Tops Coordinator has put together a bit of information regarding this program at LCA. Click here to check out all the Box Tops info!


Hot lunches are served each day! You can get on the lunch list by contacting the Main Office. For those who bring their lunch from home, please know that each student needs to bring any items needed for their lunch does not have supplies such as plates, forks, spoons, etc.  You must furnish your own each day.

Current Lunch Menu: 

Monday- Chik-Fil-A

Tuesday: Mac-N-Cheese & Nuggets

Wednesday: Meatball Sub Sandwich

Thursday: Fajita Soup

Friday: Pizza Pie Cafe