Mission of LCA International Student Program

In recent years we have moved toward a more global community, and all indications are that the world will continue to truly be a smaller place. Layton Christian Academy is located near a United States Air Force base and serves many of these families through our school program. Many Air Force families have been stationed overseas. There are also foreign military personnel stationed at Hill AFB, some of whom have elected to send their children to Layton Christian Academy. Because of this, LCA seeks to provide an avenue for international students to attend our school.

To that end Layton Christian Academy seeks to provide a high-quality, student-centered education

  • in a Christian environment
  • with a Christian perspective
  • allowing a cross-cultural experience both for the visiting student as well as resident students


Tours of Layton Christian Academy are available by appointment during the school year. An LCA staff member leads the tours. To schedule a campus tour, simply call or email the school admissions office.

Admission Procedures

Admission decisions are based on the student’s academic record, application, and admissions evaluation at the school.

Student Visas

After the family has submitted an application and paid the processing and the registration fees, an admission decision will be made. If the student is admitted, an I-20 form will be issued. When the I-20 is issued, the family pays the tuition and other pertinent fees. (See Financial Form for details) The student will then present the I-20 form to the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to obtain student status. Students may also enroll under other legally acceptable avenues.


Students, who do not live with their parents, are required to live with a parent-designated guardian who is at least 25 years of age. Under no circumstances are international students permitted to live alone while at LCA. Guardians are required to join the applicant at the time of admissions interview so that they understand the conditions of acceptance.


The courses at LCA are primarily taught in English. However, for students that are not proficient in English, ESL personnel are available to provide assistance. Additional fees may be required for this service.


Upon acceptance the guidance counselor will contact the previous school to gather information and will pass on his findings to the appropriate faculty and staff through an in-service meeting.


LCA works with a variety of international student placement programs. If a student is with one of the programs, LCA will communicate financial, academic and behavioral issues through the program. Host family placement of the student will be at the discretion and direction of the international student program. LCA will work with in conjunction with host families and the student program.

Questions / More Info

For tuition/registration questions, lease contact  lcaeagle1@aol.com