Just before Christmas Break, high school students in Ms. Pam Chatham’s Geometry courses had the opportunity to implement the skills they have learned in class to build gingerbread houses. Students applied their knowledge of points and lines, planes and how to intersect angles. This allowed students to put down the textbook and see a 3-D visual.

“I love that this school allows teachers to think outside the box and be creative. There is no such thing as mundane, assembly line learning at LCA. Students here get a hands-on learning experience, and with the Christmas spirit, this time of year this was a great time for this project.” said Ms. Chatham.

Many of our international students have never experienced many American Christmas traditions. Ms. Chatham, who grew up loving to make gingerbread houses, is currently building her own traditions with her children and thought what a great opportunity to build with her classes and let these students experience some holiday fun. In total, just under 40 students built their own gingerbread house. “Luckily I wasn’t grading based on the beauty of the houses” Ms. Chatham said with a laugh.