To be accepted at the school you must follow the steps below:

• Fill out the school’s registration form and the financial sponsor form.

• Send the completed application form, financial sponsor form, bank statement and a copy of your passport, copy of passport of each dependent (s) (if applies) to the email

• Pay registration fee, international shipping fee to receive the I-20 form at your country (if applies) and the SEVIS Fee

After submitting all documents and all fees paid, we will process your application, which takes about 1-2 business days. We will submit a Letter of Acceptance and the I-20 in I-901 SEVIS format through DHL. Mail delivery takes 2-7 business days for you to receive the documents. You will take all of these documents for interview at the United States Consulate in your country to apply for an F-1 student visa.

Sponsor financial information: The sponsor must complete the form (affidavit of sponsor support) and send a bank statement with a minimum balance of USD $2,975 per semester containing the date of at most the last three months. If the student has dependents, the sponsor must demonstrate an additional USD $1,000 for each dependent who accompanies him for semester.

Please check the following chart:


Registration fee: 

• Registration fee (USD $50 Non-refundable)

• International mail shipping fee (contact us)


Spring Trimester (January to April)

Summer Trimester (May to August)

Fall Trimester (September to December)

Registration fees and curriculum: First trimester course: $ 1,400 + $50 curriculum fee

Schedules: Classes are Monday through Thursday from 9:00am to 1:30pm for mornings classes and 5pm to 9:30pm for evenings classes, 30min break. Class availability changes every trimester. You will take a placement test here at our school, which is free, so that we can determine the correct level for you to start classes. Total trimester hours: 18 hours per week, 16 weeks in a semester out of a total of 288 hours per trimester. In addition to classroom, the school offers additional hours of computer lab practice on Fridays. Sign up at the office or with your teacher.

Referring: The student can receive a discount for referring other students who enroll for an entire 2 semesters at LCA ESL Program. To receive this discount, the student must apply his / her name on the form when applying.

Common questions:

Q: What do I do when I receive the I-20 and acceptance letter? A: you will schedule your appointment at the United States Consulate in your country using the SEVIS ID number (N0000000000).


Q: What type of visa or status do you need to participate in the LCA ESL Program? A: We accept international students F-1, F-2 and the spouse can study part time. H-1B, H-4 Visa, citizens of the United States, permanent residents, refugees and asylum seekers. B- 1 / B-2 may participate in part-time studies. If the B-1 / B-2 student chooses to study full time, they will need to obtain an F-1 visa. These students can obtain a visa in the country or request a change of status from the USCIS to change their status to F-1 in the United States.

Q: What types of visas or status does the United States not accept? A: A person without legal status in the United States.