00390Beginning in kindergarten, 00354all elementary students are taught Spanish. Instruction includes basic vocabulary, simple grammar, and hispanic culture studies. We will also explore the culture of Spanish speaking communities around the world including those in the United States.

Our objective for elementary Spanish is to teach basic vocabulary and conversation, and most importantly that learning a foreign language is FUN! Through hands-on activities, classroom games and role-plays, the students are taught simple Spanish vocabulary and grammar, Spanish language, and Hispanic culture.  Kindergarten and first grade classes are taught weekly by Mrs. Natalie Six (“Senora Seis”) and 2nd – 5th graders a taught by Sra Adinia Chavez.


The kindergarten course is a weekly class that teaches basic classroom vocabulary, including the alphabet, counting 1-10, colors, animals, weather and food. Students take an annual trip to “Mexico” (Chili’s – see photos below) for Cinco de Mayo.


k5chilis2013dylan1st Grade

The 1st grade course is a weekly class that expands vocabulary learned in Kindergarten. Numbers are taught 1-20. Simple role play activities are introduced, and vocabulary games are taught.

2nd Grade

The 2nd grade course is a weekly class that largely focuses on Spanish vocabulary. The students make a “diccionario” and enter words taught in class. The students are exposed to a 200-word vocabulary in 2nd grade.

3rd Grade

The 3rd grade course is taught twice weekly and focuses on conversational Spanish.

The students learn dialogs and present them to the class. Videotapes of the dialogs will be available for the students to purchase at the end of the school year. Counting up to 100 and beyond is taught through “counting bees” and class competitions.

Vocabulary is reinforced through class games, dialogs and simple composition. Basic hispanic culture is discussed.

4th and 5th Grade

Classes are taught twice weekly. Emphasis is on vocabulary and simple verbs while conversational skills are stressed.