Starting school is a wonderful and exciting experience for your child. This milestone event can mean big changes for your whole family! In German, the word “Kindergarten” literally means “child’s garden”. It is a place where your child will grow and learn. Teachers here at LCA really care about each individual child that enters our school. It’s not uncommon to see teachers and children from other classes interacting with each other. Teachers also feel that when enrolling your child in our school, you are becoming a part of our “family” and not just another student.


Why a full day instead of just a half day? All children learn at their own speed. Although everyone will be taught at the same time, it doesn’t mean that every child will retain all the information given. With a full day of learning, we can push away any frustration, and come back to it at a later time. With a full day program not only will your child learn their “abc’s and 123’s” but he/she will also learn about their community, their world, science lessons and other fun facts about their world. Art is not something we need to put on the back burner for another time.

Full day programs let the kids learn about art, music, physical education, Spanish and even computers. The most important reason why a full day program works is because it makes the teachers and students become a family. Everyone is able to get to know each other which makes learning much easier. We are able to learn about each others strength as well as our weaknesses. Being a part of a family helps kids feel more comfortable with learning. Plus we are able to pray for each other during good times and the bad. One of the best ways you can teach a child is through “hands on training”.

Field trips are an important part of that process. In Kindergarten we may take a ride on a miniature train, a hay ride through a pumpkin patch, or visit back stage at a movie theater. We have learned about animals at the zoo, fished in a trout farm and climbed in a large story telling tree house. The fun is never ending in Kindergarten. We have even made our own pizzas for lunch!

To continue learning about our community, doctors, dentists, police officers and fireman visit our school and tell us important information. We are blessed to have special guests from other countries come and tell us about their world. Students have the chance to learn and experience many different worlds while still learning the fundamentals at LCA.

At LCA kindergartners achieve a jump-start on their educational beginning and start their elementary years with a huge advantage over their peers, all in a nurturing, Christian environment while developing a lifetime love of learning!