Elementary Student Council

The LCA Elementary Student Council is involved in the community as well as within the school. This fall we had a food drive to replenish our local church pantry. In past years the Student Council has had a book drive for an indian reservation at Utah’s Four Corners area. We’ve collected new and gently used stuffed animals to be donated through the Boys and Girls Club of Utah.

Elementary Student Council is fun and rewarding. Students feel a sense of pride for their school and community, and they learn how to work together as a team.

Student Council helps build future leaders for tomorrow’s world.

Mrs. Cheryl Sligar, Advisor


The LCA Elementary Student Council is under the leadership of preschool director teacher, Mrs. Cheryl Sligar. The student council is an active part of the LCA elementary student body and consists of students from third to fifth grades.

Students are nominated for positions in October and official voting takes place in November, the same day as our national voting. All students from third to fifth grade participate. Voting takes place in a private booth with an official ballot.

Students elected for student council are the top students in the LCA elementary student body. They are required to hold a high academic grade point average, be willing to speak in front of others with energy, and to love LCA and God with all their hearts.

LCA Elementary Student Council’s purpose is to serve LCA in the following ways:

1. Plan special days for the elementary school
2. Promote school spirit and unity within the elementary school
3. Helping others who are more unfortunate than we are
4. Serve by example as positive role models to the LCA student body.


The Student Council also has various fund raisers for LCA: The students hold their annual candy cane sale for the Christmas season in December. In February, the Student Council sells Valentine candy. In March or April, the students make up Easter baskets to sell before Easter break. In May, the student council sells ice pops.

Each fall and spring, we have a great jewelry sale!

The student council has raised a considerable amount of money in the past few years to purchase new flags for our flag poles. We have also purchased a brand new set of encyclopedias for the library. The Student Council is currently working towards raising money for needs throughout the elementary wing and the playground.