In 2006, LCA switched to the Bob Jones Curriculum (BJU Press) which has been a comprehensive, Biblically-based education program for over 30 years. These Christ-centered materials, all with an underlying and thoroughly Christian worldview, are clearly written and easy to use, and teach children more than just facts. Bob Jones Curriculum products have proven to produce students who know what they are reading, are able to make good judgments about what they read, and are able to act appropriately on what they have come to understand. BJU textbooks concentrate on teaching critical thinking skills that lead to true comprehension so that students will know how to think – not just for the test, but for life.

With Bob Jones Curriculum, the lessons are active, have engaging texts that are colorful and interesting, and applications that are real-life and convincing. Material in the textbooks is flexible enough to meet teacher schedules, everyone’s personalities, and each child’s individual learning style.

The elementary Bible curriculum is from Christian Schools International. CSI’s Bible curriculum will help students discover the wonders and truths of God’s Word. This collection includes study books, maps, Bibles, and software. These resources will help students grow in their knowledge of God’s Word and will help them apply biblical truths in their lives.