“All your children shall be taught by the Lord, And great shall be the peace of your children.” Isaiah 54:13

Dear Parents,
Welcome to the Layton Christian Academy Preschool program! LCA preschool gives three and four year old a head-start to kindergarten in a fun Christian environment! Students are taught phonics, numbers, colors, and shapes with a fun theme each week.  On Fridays preschoolers attend Chapel with our elementary school. Our low teacher to student ratio (1:10 – two teachers to twenty students) enables children to achieve their preschool potential in our bright, learning facility. It is not unusual for some exceptional preschoolers to start reading books themselves at LCA. Social skills, large and fine motor skills, Spanish words, sign language and Bible stories are taught with age-appropriate techniques. Students completing preschool at LCA enter kindergarten with the skills they need for a successful elementary experience.

To enter preschool at LCA, children must be 3 years old as of September 1 of that school year and completely potty-trained. Three and four year olds may attend Tuesday/ Thursday (S2 Program), Monday/Wednesday/Friday (S3 Program) or Monday – Friday (S5 Program). Children who have turned 4 years old by September 1 of the school year may attend Prekindergarten (K4) which meets Monday-Friday.  All classes meet 8:30 – 11:30 am, and offer Extended Care options from 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.

The following is an outline of several items of interest to preschool parents:

Items Needed – Each child will need a full-size back pack with his/her name on it. Please keep a change of clothes (appropriate for weather) in the backpack in a sealed bag.

Snack Time – Proper nutrition is important for your child. We try to keep snacks on hand that are simple and nutritious. There is a snack fee charged each year that covers your child’s snacks for the entire school year.

Classroom Visits – Parents are welcome to visit our classroom at any time, provided your presence in the room does not disrupt their child’s normal behavior. We also ask that younger siblings not be brought to preschool, as the room is not age-appropriate for younger children.

Recess – During our three-hour program, we will have a 15 minute time slot outside, weather permitting.

Birthdays -There will be a birthday calendar posted on the Communication Board outside our room every month, indicating the day we will celebrate each child’s birthday. Children with summer birthdays will be mixed in toward the end of the year, so please check every month. The teacher will provide birthday snacks for each child due to many food allergies. You may bring party favors, such as small toys or books, if you would like. All food items must be store-bought; no homemade food items are allowed (health department policy).

Special Events and Parties -At various times throughout the year, we will celebrate special days. We encourage parents to join us in the festivities and help with all the small details that a party entails. We will provide snacks through the school due to many allergies.

School Clothes – Please note that shorts may only be worn during the months of August, September, and May. We recommend that girls wear shorts at all times under dresses. We encourage play clothes to be worn. Clothing should be easy for the child to manage when taking care of bathroom needs. Please do not dress your child in clothes with difficult buckles or zippers, pants with buttons or snaps. Bodysuits, belts and overalls are discouraged; elastic waist pants are best. Please avoid sandals. A full shoe without a heel is best. Shirts or dresses with spaghetti straps must have shirts underneath. Please help us make preschool a positive experience for the children by following these guidelines. We can always use extra clothing to keep at school for those occasional accidents. Any donations are appreciated!

Preschool Restroom Policy

1. Preschoolers will be taken to the restrooms (downstairs) one hour after preschool has started.
2. If any child needs to go before or after this time, the aid or teacher will take the child downstairs. If the aid or teacher feels the child needs to go immediately, he/she will be taken next door to Extended Care.
3. In the event of a preschooler having an accident (soiling clothes) during the three-hour preschool program the aid or teacher will take the child directly to the restroom downstairs with a change of clothing from the preschool room and a bag for the soiled clothing. The aid or teacher will assist the child if needed with the changing of clothes.
4. The accident will then be documented and kept on file.
5. Should the child continue to soil clothing on more than an accidental basis the parents will be notified for a conference with the teacher and director if needed.

*Parents with boys – it is very important that you teach your child how to use a public urinal before attending preschool.

Discipline -A child’s self-image is of great importance to us. Consistent discipline administered with love and understanding of the individual child will be enforced at all times. When incidents arise involving conflict, the teacher will speak with the child and try to resolve the conflict. If the situation merits further action, a time out may be used for no longer than 3-5 minutes. A parent conference will be called to work out the best solution for the child if a situation cannot be resolved.

Book Orders -About once a month, book order forms will be sent home and parents may order books for their children if they choose. Please check our board for book order due dates. Payment must be made by check made out to the book club. Our school also hosts several book fairs throughout the school year.

Signing In and Out – It is very important that all children be brought to the classroom and picked up by an adult or guardian. They also must be signed in/out upon arrival/departure. If someone other than the regular person will be picking up a child, even someone on the child’s pick-up list, a parent should call or send a note and let the teachers know in advance. This is in concern for the child’s safety.

Items to be Returned – The Medical Release Form is designed to provide us with important and useful information about your child. We would appreciate it if you would complete and return this form as soon as possible. Please make sure that your child’s information on RenWeb is kept up to date.

No School – Whenever school is closed, preschool is closed. Extended Care is open on many of these days; however, it is necessary that you sign up in advance on the sheets provided in the hallway outside the preschool and extended care rooms.

Reasons for Keeping Children Home

1. Temperature of 99.6* or above. Child should be fever-free 24 hours before returning to school.
2. Vomiting, nausea, or severe abdominal pain.
3. Marked drowsiness or weakness.
4. Sore throat, cold (nose discharge), persistent cough.
5. Red, inflamed or discharging eyes.
6. Skin rashes or eruptions. Child should stay home until rash fades.
7. Swollen glands around jaws, ears, or neck.
8. Suspected scabies or impetigo. Child may be readmitted with doctor’s permission.
9. Any skin lesion in the weeping stage unless protected and diagnosed as noninfectious.
10. Earache.
11. Head lice.
12. Ringworm (must be covered).
13. Severe diarrhea.
14. Chicken pox that are not completely scabbed over.
15. Illness requiring antibiotics. Children on antibiotics should not return to school until they have been on the antibiotic at least 48 hours.
16. Any other symptoms which are suggestive of acute illness.


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